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Demo version without any drums and rough everything else. This is really the first song we ever learned as a band. Though only Jake recorded this version, the live sound is more punk.


Is it happenstance?
Or am I just dreaming?
Did I fall in love
In the back of my Sebring?
You look at me
What are we doing?
Just bring me back
I want to hear you laughing.

Is it wonderful?
Or am I just lying?
In just two weeks
I had you crying
We have tendencies
To get frustrated
Oh well, at least
we're both still trying

Don't try so hard
to not impress me
We're going nowhere
But we're still progressing.
We can sit in silence
to not say we're sorry
But I'll have you wincing
Until you undress me.

Caress me.

If I'm a broken record
You're a broken cassette
I'll repeat myself
and you'll just forget
A few months pass
a few things have changed
but not enough
To make it feel strange.

Shy love, shy love
don't walk away
Shy love, shy love
I want you to stay
Shy love, Shy love,
don't walk away from me
Shy love, shy love
What does it mean

What do you believe

I need you to breathe


released December 19, 2012
Jake did everything. And special thanks to the lovely Taelor Candiloro (Jake's totally real girlfriend in real life) who also inspired the spelling "Jaek" but anyway, she let me borrow her audio interface. Super cool chick.



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THE REAL GATSBYS Raleigh, North Carolina

Pretty much if surf rock and pop rock shot heroin* and tried to make punk music.

*Disclaimer: Nobody in the band does heroin.

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